Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dukan Diet

I have a couple of friends who have just done The Dukan Diet and they have both lost about 8kgs! THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! so fresh, healthy, fit and slim...

Apparently when you are on this diet you don't get hungry because you can eat as much as you want but only certain food groups such as; protein & low fat dairy. No fruits or veggies in the first 2 stages!

So if anyone is out there trying to shed some kg's for summer or just loose weight to feel healthy and happy about their bodies I recommend buying this book and giving it a shot.

Maybe you can look like Elle McPherson

Good Luck! let me know if you try it...

Monday, November 8, 2010

T.Belle Light - Now available

My mum has recently had a massive light made for our new house, it is very cool and she has decided to get more made and sell them...... check it out.......
The T.Belle light is ultra cool, let me know via a comment if your interested in purchasing....

Major General - My standard schnauzer

Major- General - also known as Jenny, Jenson & Major Pain!!!!!

I love him soooo sooo much, standard schnauzers are the most divine dogs, their nature is very loving and affectionate. Although they take women for granted and stay adolescent for 4 years it is worth it.

Major turns 4 in March 2011 and he is already starting to become more mature! I think anyway.

He loves going for runs around the tan and meeting other dogs! my dad loves major to pieces but my mum is not too keen, although she loves him she doesn't quite want him hanging around the new house even though he is better behaved than their own dogs harry and sally.

anyway, thought I should mention my dog because he is one of my loves in my life :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


My mum has a personalised tram banner business, they are FANTASTIC check them out http://www.trambanners.com.au/

Tamara & Liv

Liv and Tamara - commonly known as Wharthead and Tizzy!

Tamara is in London and Liv is living in the country so they have left me in melbourne to source new freinds!!! sooo mean!

Tamara is the one climbing the fence and Liv is the blonde one on the second photo with tamara again, I couldnt find one of her on her own

Victoria Beckham

I heard Victoria Beckham was bringing out a label and I have always loved her style! not sure if it would suite me but I deffinately love what she has going, check out my favourite dresses, they are simple and stunning.

Day One!!!!


I am currently setting up a blog which will some day be full of random bits and peices you may be interested in... dont expect any flow in this blog because that is not going to happen.

What to expect:

Healthy Habbits
Healthy meals